Every once in a while Bill Maher says something so ridiculous that it must be corrected. The Real Time show on Sept. 11 was one of those times. Considering that I have been a fan of Bill’s for at least 15 years and this is the first time I have complained is an indication of the rarity of his ridiculous comments; also an indication that I have finally mastered rudimentary computer skills.

He was discussing the Muslim refugee crisis in Europe and the reaction of European countries.   Disclaimer: I am not Muslim nor do I have Muslim friends, although I do have an aunt in Baltimore who used to go by the stage name Little Egypt.

Toward the end of the discussion Bill ominously said: “There are a lot of young Muslim men in European cities…. and often their attitude is we’re biding our time until you will do things our way.” (Forgive the ellipsis; the sense of his comment is not distorted in any way.) How does he know there are a lot of young men…? He justifiably went after Rick Santorum for his asinine comments yet follows with one of his own. Did he read a poll? Did he do a personal survey? “Excuse me, young man. I see you’re standing here on the street corner. Are you biding your time and if so are you waiting until I start doing things your way?” It’s such a pointless and prejudiced comment.

It reminds of The Bell Curve, Charles Murray’s racist tome on the supposed inferiority of black people. Even if what Bill said were true, what would be the implications? Not all Muslims are “biding their time.” Do we stop and frisk all of them? Send them to the end of the line until they start doing things “our way?” Deny all of them admission to universities? “Hmm, I see this candidate for the School of Engineering is Muslim. Even though he has a straight A average he could still have been biding his time on weekends. We better not take a chance.” Bill’s comment cannot be taken any other way than as a silly slip of the tongue. Charles Murray spent years on his thesis; he is a true, ignorant racist. Bill simply “misspoke.” He can correct it. I love Bill Maher. He is my favorite comedian.


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