Hope springs eternal in the human breast

So says the great Alexander Pope

But when it comes to the Catholic Church,

Nothing has changed; the Pope says nope


He spreads the word across the land

He praises God he gives them hope

He trusts the flock will understand

On birth control he answers nope


Bedecked in white he stirs the crowd

He offers them a way to cope

A brand new church will be endowed

But family planning, he says nope


In Cuba it’s a real tough sell

They’re Godless Commies, in the dark they grope

Still his reception went quite well

But IUD’s he thunders nope


His visit to this land of ours

May turn to be a slippery slope

Since Roe v. Wade we’ve had the right

How can he possibly say nope?


This wily Father isn’t weak

He knows Planned Parenthood’s on the rope

If Congress only lets him speak

On rights for women he’ll say nope


If Alexander Pope were free

he’d have a pithy thing to say

About the Church hypocrisy.

It probably would go this way:


Of Gods and men the Bible was quite clear,

There’s one eternal force there is no peer.

It matters not specific circumstances,

The name they use is Yahweh not Pope Francis
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