He finally lost his speakership      Alas he couldn’t play the game

His party caused the fatal slip        But how do you pronounce his name?


There’s nobody meaner than Speaker John Boehner


His favorite place was at the bar   or at his favorite tanning room

But orange skin went much too far   Perhaps that finally spelled his doom


His tan had too much toner that Speaker John Boehner


He caused the government to fail      But he lost each and every vote

The reason he got so much mail      “We can’t pronounce your name,” they wrote


Now he’s a goner that Speaker John Boehner


He couldn’t lead his right wing flank      He faltered with Obamacare

He took his party in the tank         And now he’s left the speaker’s chair


A voice like a tenor that Speaker John Boehner


Planned Parenthood he hoped to cut    He promised to slash every buck

He proved to be a right wing nut        And with that name he’s out of luck


He’s just a slow learner that Speaker John Boehner


He sobbed a lot but that repelled      a crowd who said   “Undignified”

Though bawl he did his hairspray held     Who is that man who always cried?


This one’s a no brainer   Adios to John Boehner

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