The time has come to end the senseless violence occurring on American soil and inflicted by organized right wing extremists. The majority of these Radical Anti-abortion Terrorists (RAT) are inspired by fundamentalist Christian crusaders, and propelled by demagogic Republican politicians. Because the web of hate groups fueling this agenda draw virtually no condemnation, the individuals have continued to commit terrorist acts in the United States with impunity.  Since Roe v. Wade became law in 1973 women’s health facilities and women’s rights have suffered countless assaults.

In addition to their vicious deeds that occasionally make headlines, such as the premeditated assassination of abortion providers and medical personnel, and the bombings and physical attacks on clinics that provide abortions, these homegrown terrorists engage in daily, unreported acts of intimidation and coercion at Planned Parenthood clinics throughout the country. Astonishingly, they and their supporters remain immune to criticism. The media refuse to make obvious connections and would have you believe that these atrocities comprise thousands of random, independent acts of conscience, sometimes, unfortunately, committed by unstable, troubled personalities.

In a proud moment at his arraignment, the most recent RAT who terrorized a Colorado clinic declared, “I’m a warrior for the babies,” and “No more baby parts,” inducing the media to almost unanimously describe him as a “disturbed loner,” not once invoking the word “terrorist” to describe his horrific act. This despite the fact that the FBI handbook defines domestic terrorism as described in U.S. Code 2331 as: (1) acts dangerous to human life, (2) appear intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population, (3) appear intended to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion, (4) occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the U.S.

Journalism’s rigid and narrow conformity to acceptable standards of reporting and its obeisance to state power ensure that mainstream media cannot label right wing domestic terrorism as an organized movement; doing so would subject the proponents, instigators and supporters of these attacks to criminal prosecution. Meanwhile the hapless FBI sits lifeless and oblivious, in full retreat from pursuing anything resembling terrorism unless it relates to Muslims or Black Lives Matter supporters; that kind of terrorism calls for instant intervention.

Even a cursory comparison of the terrorist act committed in Colorado with that in San Bernardino reveals totally different treatment, not only by the press but also by the aforementioned instigators. In Orwellian fashion, Sen. Ted Cruz described the Colorado Planned Parenthood attacker, Robert Dear, as “a transgender, leftist activist.” In contrast the San Bernardino couple are “radical Muslim jihadists.”  Republican leaders certainly will not repudiate the masterminds and criminals even as assaults, harassment and threats continue. All the Republican presidential candidates quickly brushed aside any attempt to link Planned Parenthood attacks to their incendiary rhetoric. Carly Fiorina, famous for imaginatively claiming that she saw “a living fetus waiting to have its brain harvested,” dismissed any link to the role she might have played in the murders as “typical left-wing tactics.”

Two days after the attack a headline read FBI Treating San Bernardino Attack as Terrorism. Colorado merited no comment from the Bureau.   Both Mr. Dear and Mr. Farook, the San Bernardino attacker, were born in the United States. Guess which one is characterized as “a homegrown terrorist.”

It is long overdue to recognize the violence and horror perpetrated by the RAT, this protected group of hate-filled murderers. This is a women’s rights issue but it is also a human rights issue; husbands, children, relatives, friends are all affected by this wanton violence. Americans must unite and decry this organized assault on women and families.

A headline in the New York Times today declares Attack Spurs New Chapter in History of Dread in the U.S. Unfortunately that headline referred to San Bernardino and not to Colorado.
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