The Republican presidential nominees have a problem when it comes to abortion. Yes they are all virulently anti-abortion, anti-women’s rights, anti-choice. The problem is, their vindictiveness is showing. To wit: the specious support for laws prohibiting abortion except in the case of rape and incest.

The candidates carefully mask their spiteful intent by affecting a compassionate attitude toward this special class of unfortunate women victims. But their actions betray them. With paternalistic omnipotence they ban the practice of abortion and then dictate, seemingly at random and without any explanation, exceptions to this fundamental belief they claim to cherish. If there is an exception for rape and incest why not an exception for faulty condoms? for being seduced by a priest?

The predicament is very simple. If these morality police really believe that all life is sacred and life begins at conception, then killing an embryo is murder under all circumstances. Certainly the embryo didn’t know it was conceived by its uncle. It is not the embryo’s fault. It is innocent under all conditions. It is no less a potential human being than any other embryo. The fact that the sperm that fertilized the egg wasn’t the sperm the mother wanted should be irrelevant if one truly believes in the sanctity of life at conception.

Of course some people will justify the incest exception since incest often produces a high incidence of deformity and predilection to passing on recessive genes. This excuse is nonsensical since they wouldn’t make an exception for aborting a fetus with Down’s Syndrome. Furthermore, if recessive genes were truly a concern they should be clamoring to neuter the entire Bush family.

The ‘exception’ rule actually exposes these self-proclaimed arbiters of women’s’ rights for who they are: men intent on punishing women. They subtly express their contempt for women by saying we will (just to be arbitrary) allow you to abort the rape embryo, it’s not so sacred; but if you have sex out of wedlock, or have sex when you’re high, or especially have sex for fun then you will be punished. You will have that baby whether you want it or not. In that case, the Fathers say, the embryo is sacred and woman must be held accountable for her misbehavior.

One might conclude that the few candidates who would ban abortion under all circumstances are actually more consistent and honest and are truer to their faith. No; most of them, and definitely in the case of Ted Cruz, simply believe in punishing women in any situation.

As an aside, the hypocritical nature of their conduct will undoubtedly be uncovered and provide passing fodder for the nightly news. Just as Senator Family Values is inevitably found in his secretary’s apartment; Congressman Just Say No To Drugs is found stoned in a crack house; it won’t be long before we find out which Save the Unborn candidate’s wife or daughter has had three abortions.

As women’s’ rights are being eroded and Roe v. Wade comes ever closer to being overturned, it is time to turn the tables on this Neanderthal group of authoritarians.

This mean-spirited attack on women cries out to be exposed for what it is: a random, capricious and abusive way to control women’s bodies.






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